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Christian Craken - PHOBIA 069 (April 2022)

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#Christian #Craken #phobia #techno #dj #mix #minimal #vibes #radio #station

62HP Kompakt Modular Techno Intellijel Palette Eat Sleep Techno Repeat #069

I had so much fun in this format I put the mini setup back together! There are a ton of tricks in here I will show in future vids!


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Instagram: @obscuremachines

Current rack setup for this session on Modular Grid:

Gear used:
Intellijel - Palette 62hp
4MS - Multi-power cable
Black Market Modular - patch cables

Intellijel - Duatt
Intellijel - Multi-FX
Mosaic 1U - Four Channel Mixer
Intellijel - Headphone Output

ALM - Pamela's New Workout
Death By Spaghetti - Pam's concept black panel
Erica Synths - Pico Seq
Erica Synths - 2x Pico Drums
Michigan Synth Works - SYO.5
Industrial Music Electronics - Hertz Donut
Noise Engineering - Sinc Bucina
Happy Nerding - FX Aid XL
Sinus : This is what Eurorack is standing for! Ckeck the limits of your moduls and be active and turn knobs! Thanks for sharing ...
ukiyo : Nice to hear what the Hertz Donut can do in a techno setting!
pure luck, no skill : 0:10 <3 such a nice rumble. fantastic jam!
Isaac Holly : Sooo bangin! Gonna have to bust out my palette case and get stuck in!
Rook Takes Pawn : Nice! Is the kick just from the Pico Drum? I'm really amazed by how hard that hits. What was the rumble from?

German Underground | Acid Rave @ Institut fuer Zukunft Leipzig [FNL067]

B2B Set I played with Katarakt at the Institut fuer Zukunft.
Absolutely Insane night.
Foto: Moritz Richter

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#acid #techno #leipzig
David Caplice : Always good videos but nearly never tracklists. This is disrespectful to the people that actually created this music and frustrating for those that would like to look into the artists and see that they get the credit and shout out that they deserve. Although you do put much effort into making these excellent lists, you should give the artists their due credit ss well. I hope to start seeing more tracklists in the future as I want to be able to support the artists I like, not just the YouTube channel that helps me find them.
MrSnrub : Can i just say that i'm happy you're still putting out stuff regularly? I was worried it was going to stop/slow down. Keep them coming man.
Cyber God : love the music ❤, wish there was more of this good music
boethia110 : Was there...
Just found this set here... Wonderful evening, has still a place in my heart
sfero ferr : Дизайн в оформлении видео круто сделано, особенно FNL ® в верхней части !!! И конечно же музыка ACID RAVE !!! Спасибо друзья!!!




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